Here are some misc diffs I did when the need arose.

  1. valgrind 2.0.0 epoll diff.
  2. valgrind 2.1.0 epoll diff.
  3. make libmad 0.15.0b about 30% faster (x86 only, speeds things up at least on VIA C3, Pentium 3 and Athlon XP). I submitted this to the author as well.
  4. mad 0.14.2b ALSA compat diff. For some reason, mad does not like my VIA 82xx ALSA driver in OSS emulation and plays mp3s in 8-bit mode. This diff helps. The author knows about this but is not sure how to fix this properly.
  5. libvorbis SIMD speedup. This diff apparently distorts playback when both 3dnow and SSE are enabled. Starts with an explanation on how to use it. I'm working on a new diff.
  6. mtr-0.51 DNS diff. The way mtr uses DNS makes it incompatible if you only use IPv6 DNS servers. My only DNS server is fec0:0:0:ffff::1 (that is an anycast address which I run a DNS server on in all my networks, so I never have to edit my resolv.conf when I move my notebook).