(Note: This is from 2001 and has not been touched since)

mp1e is a real-time MPEG-1 video encoder that you can use to create MPEG-1 files from your bttv or video4linux2 device!

Unfortunately, it only creates I frames, and the MPEG-1 streams internally look more like MPEG-2 so all the Windows players that I tested crashed when trying to play those streams. But mtvp can play them under Linux.

mp1e requires an MMX cpu. I didn't write mp1e, the above link is to my knowledge the original location to get mp1e from, but if you are using a recent gcc or egcs version, the stock distribution won't compile.

I also offer a patch to enable input switching so you can record from S-Video on your bttv card, although that is really a crude patch. YMMV.

  1. make mp1e-1.7.1 compile with a recent gcc
  2. make mp1e-1.7 compile with a recent gcc
  3. input selection diff