fnord - yet another small httpd

(Note: This is no longer actively being worked on. Go look at gatling for my more recent work)

If you want to take part in fnord, please subscribe to the fnord mailing list (send an empty email to fnord-subscribe@fefe.de).

Here is a comparison to other tiny web servers. If you are interested in platform specific performance hacks, please see my event notification framework.

Security Notice!

fnord 1.6 contained a buffer overrun in the CGI code. However, since the function does not return, this does not appear to be exploitable. The bug was found by Ralf Wildenhues. Thanks, Ralf!

Fnord was always meant to run chrooted. Starting with 1.8, the internal chroot code is enabled (which means you don't have to do the chroot externally); if you run fnord as root, it will chroot to the current working directory and drop privileges to $UID and $GID (need to be numerical).


Here is the tarball: fnord-1.11.tar.bz2 [GPG sig], or you can get the sources per anonymous CVS:

  $ cvs -d :pserver:cvs@cvs.fefe.de:/cvs -z9 co httpd



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